20+ Cute Diwali Status [English Font] 2019

November 04, 2018
20+ CUTE DIWALI WhatsApp Status

•MaY the Blessings Prosperity And Wealth Grow In Your Whether i need app to earnLiFe LiKe The WhatsApp Sharing 
Happy Diwali

•• Wish You and Your Family‍‍ a Bombastic Diwali
Have Lots of funs and Lots oF Masti #HappY Diwali

••• May The Festival of Lights is Just around the Corner Wish You all a Very HappY Diwali 2018

•••• If You Want To Become a Great Man in The World Spend Your LyF Like a Diwali Diyas 

••••• Hope this diwali  bring you Contment To your life along with the key of success
    Happy Diwali

•••••• Before You Light Up Your Candles And Diyas ,Allow me to Wish You A HappY Diwali

•••••• Wish You And Your Family A Very Very HappY Diwali 

•••••• May peace Transcend The Earth... Happy Diwali

•••••• Life is  a Festival Only to the wise

••••••• Let This Diwali Burn all your Bad Times and
          Enter You in Good Times

••••••• MaY You All Attain The Inexhaustible
          Spirtual Wealth Of Your Self

•••••••• I'M Maachis And You're Pataka Together we are it will be  Double dhamaka 

•••••••• HAve A Crackling Diwali . May This Season Bring You Good Luck And Happiness To you

•••••  LIGHT a Lamp of Love !! Blast A chain Of Sorrow
        Shoot a Rocket of Prosperity ! Fire a Flowerpot Of

••••••  On this Diwali , I am sending you a diya of my love
             I Hope you will keep it Lighted Forver

•••••• Life with You is Like Diwali So lets Promise To be Together Like this Forever . Wish you a Very Happy Diwali

•••••• Diwali Night Is Full Of Lights May Your Life be Filled Colour and Light Of Happiness . Happy Diwali
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